Price Based on Country for WooCommerce 3.0 Released

by Oscar on 23 January, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of Price Based on Country for WooCommerce 3.0. This release requires updating Price Based on Country Pro to the latest version.

What ‘s new in 3.0?

Setup wizard

Price Based on Country setup wizard

The new setup wizard intends to help store owners configure the WooCommerce geolocation feature in a guided way. It runs automatically for new installations after the plugin activation.

The country and currency switcher widgets now support Flags

Display flags on the country and currency switcher for WooCommerce

The country and currency switcher widgets now allow you to display flags.

Admin interface improvements

Price Based on Country admin page

The new design of the plugin settings pages includes direct links to documentation and more detailed descriptions of each field.

Export and import pricing zones

Export and Import the WooCommerce pricing zones.

The new pricing zones exporter and importer tools are available from the pricing zones table. Click on “Export CSV” to generate a CSV file with all the pricing zone data.
Click on “Import CSV” will redirect to the importer page where you can upload the file and run the importer.

Re-order pricing zones

Re-order the WooCommerce pricing zones.

The pricing zones table now supports drag-and-drop for ordering the rows. Note you must click on “Save changes” to persist the changes.

Enable/Disable pricing zones

Enable/Disable WooCommerce pricing zones.

Version 3.0 allows disabling or enabling a pricing zone. A disabled pricing zone will not be available in the shop, but it will be available in the admin area.
This feature allows store owners to work on the prices of a zone before the zone is available to customers.

Price charm

Reduce the converted price for the WooCommerce multicurrency

“Price charming,” also known as “psychological pricing,” reduces the converted price by a specific amount. This feature works together with the “Round to nearest” to display the converted prices more attractive to consumers.

Support for Google Listing and Ads plugin

Price Based on Country compatible with Google Listing and Ads

Version 3.0 includes compatibility with the “Google Listing and Ads by WooCommerce” plugin. To enable and configure the compatibility, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Pricing zones > Options > Advanced.

Compatible with the new WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks

This release adds compatibility with the Cart and Checkout blocks.

New price loading animation

Price loading animation

The loading animation introduced in version 2.0 was not fully compatible with some themes or the Safari browser.
Version 3.0 comes with a new loading animation that fixes the issues of the previous version.

Upgrading to 3.0

3.0 is a “major” release. This means that the version is not fully backwards compatible with sites running versions of 2.2.x. Therefore, we recommend creating a backup of your site before updating.

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