Widgets included with Price Based on Country

Widgets are blocks of content that you can add to your theme’s widget areas (like the sidebar or the footer).

The areas you can place widgets are defined by your WordPress theme, so it could look different depending on the theme you’re using.

How to add a widget to a widget area

If your theme supports widgets, you can add a widget from Appearance > Widgets and then click on a “widget area” to expand it.

Then, click the “Plus” icon to bring up the widget block menu. Here you can search for a widget by name. Or, click the “Browse all” button to bring up a menu of all the available widgets.

Included widgets

The Price Based on Country plugin includes the following widgets:

  • Country switcher.
  • Currency switcher (available in the Pro version).

Country switcher widget

With the Country Switcher widget, you can display a drop-down to allow your customers to select their country.

You can set a title for the widget and the text for other countries. Check “Display flags in supported devices” to display the flags.

A country selector for WooCommerce

Currency switcher widget

The Currency Switcher widget is a variation of the Country switcher widget. With the Currency switcher widget, you can display a drop-down with a list of currencies available in your pricing zones.

You can set a title for the widget and the currency display style. The available variables are:

  • [name] currency name
  • [code] currency code
  • [symbol] currency symbol
Internally, the Currency switcher works like the Country switcher. When the user changes the currency, he also changes his country.

Currency switcher widget for WooCommerce