Settings & Options

This page will walk through all settings available to you in Price Based on Country.

To get started, go to WooCommerce > Settings

Currency Format

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Currency format is an option that allows you to change the look of how currency is shown in your WooCommerce store. The currency format option replaces the default WooComerce option currency position because it’s a more powerful option.

To set the currency format option, go to WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options and set the value of the Currency format using the following placeholders:

  • [code] – Currency code.
  • [symbol] – Currency symbol.
  • [price] – Product price.
  • [symbol-alt] – The alternative currency symbol (US$, CA$, …)

If you want to display the prices like 99.99 US$, you should set the currency format as [price] [symbol-alt].

Watch the video below to learn how to currency format option works

Pricing zones options

The Price Based on Country options is under the Pricing zones sub-navigation section.

Pricing zones options
Price based on
This configuration determines which client address determines the customer pricing zone.

  • Customer billing country
  • Customer shipping country

Exchange rate source

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Select the service the plugin will use to get the exchange rates. The available options are:

Cache support
Enable this option to refresh the product price dynamically via Ajax and Javascript. This solves the issue between Geolocation and the static cache. Read more about Geolocation with cache support.

Test mode
The test mode allows you to check product pricing for a specific country without a VPN. Read more about how to run tests.

A message will display in the front end of your store to indicate that the test mode is active.

Advanced settings

Advanced options of Price Based on Country

Apply the exchange rate to the shipping cost
Enable this option to calculate the shipping cost using the exchange rate.

Run the geolocation setup wizard
Click this button to launch the geolocation setup wizard.