Manual orders and subscriptions

This article explains how you, as a store manager, can manually change the order (or subscription) pricing and currency based on the customer country.

We recommend starting with the Managing Orders and Manually Add or Edit a Subscription at WooCommerce documentation.

Load country pricing tool

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This tool allows you to update an order with the price and currency you defined for the customer country in the pricing zone settings.

How to use:

  1. Add the order normally.
  2. Add a customer to the order.
  3. Select the customer billing country (and shipping country if you need it).
  4. Add items to order. All items will be added using the default WooCommerce price and currency.
  5. Use the “Load country pricing” button to update the order with pricing and currency based on the customer country.
Note: Load country pricing tool is only available for WooCommerce 3.0+ users.