The MaxMind GeoIP Database does not exist

Note: For WooCommerce 3.9+ this article is deprecated. Please review MaxMind Geolocation Integration at WooCommerce docs.

WooCommerce needs the MaxMind GeoIP database for its Geolocation function.

WooCommerce downloads the MaxMind GeoIP database automatically, but if for some reason, WooCommerce can’t download it you have to upload the MaxMind GeoLite database to your server manually:

  1. Visit the GeoLite2 database page.
  2. Click on sign up for a GeoLite2.
    Sing up geolite
  3. Create your account on MaxMind
  4. Go to My Account > Downloads files.
  5. Download the GeoLite2-Country binary format file.
  6. Uncompress the file you have downloaded in the above step and
  7. upload the file GeoLite2-Country.mmdb to the WordPress directory /wp-content/uploads

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