Prices entered with tax show a wrong value in the front-end

If the WooCommerce option Prices entered with tax is set to “I will enter prices inclusive of tax”; when you set a price for a product, you are setting the price including the taxes of your shop base country. This rule includes the prices for your pricing zones.

WooCommerce will adjust the price by subtracting the shop base country taxes and adding customer country taxes.

For example, your store is in the UK, so you create one tax rate for GB of 20%, and France at 19%.

  • You create a product and set the price for the France pricing zone to 120 EUR.
  • Customers in France will pay 119 EUR (120 – 20% Shop base taxes + 19 EUR VAT).

Disable the tax adjustment

To avoid this issue, you have to disable the tax adjustment for the pricing zone.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Zone Pricing > Zones, edit the zone and check “Do not adjust taxes based on location”.

Disable the WooCommerce tax adjustment.

For the above example, with the tax adjustment disable, customers in France will pay 120 EUR:
100.84 + 19.16 (19% VAT).