I’m testing, but it does not work

“It’s not working” is very general 🙂 but here are some tips that could help you:

Check the plugin works.

Firstly, does the test on the checkout page display the expected prices? The test on the checkout page is the best way to check if the plugin works.

Cache plugins.

The most common issue is related to cache plugins. So, if you are using a cache plugin, you must to read Geolocation with cache support.

Geolocation is not configuring.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status > Geolocation debug info to check if there is some problem that could cause that the geolocation function does not work correctly.

Test the geolocation with the user logged in.

You have to check that the geolocation works by browsing in private mode. We recommend you read our tutorial about How to test Price Based on Country.

Did you add the pricing zones?

Price Based on Country works with pricing zones. If you did not add at least one pricing zone, you will not see changes in the price of your products. Before adding a pricing zone, you should review Setting up Pricing Zones.

Conflict with other plugin.

Another plugin that also modifies the price of the products (such a discount plugin, or a price by role plugin) could be over-writing the price you defined with “Price Based on Country”. To check it, deactivate this type of plugins a test again.

Contact us

In any case, if, after checking the points described above, you have problems getting the plugin to work, we’ll happy to help you to solve the issue.