Compatible with German Market by Marketpress

by Oscar on 10 December, 2018

Price Based on Country includes now compatibility with WooCommerce German Market by Marketpress. The new compatibility is available for all license holders.

German Market make your online shop in Germany and Austria as legally secure as possible  – including support for the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), automatic PDF invoices, return tickets and cancellations, transact EU VAT, sell digital products in compliance with the law, and more.

Price per unit based on country

Price per unit based on country

With the function “Price per unit” of German Market you can set basic prices in your online shop, for example “1.00 € per 100ml”. Price Based on Country allows you to set the “Price per unit” by pricing zone.

For a full integrated, the “Price per unit” supports the Geolocation via AJAX option.

Upgrade to Pro

German Market built-in integration is available now for all Personal and Business license holders. If you do not have a license yet, you can buy with just a couple of clicks from the pricing page.

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