New integration WooCommerce Product Add-ons released!

by Oscar on 18 July, 2017

Today I’m happy to announce that Price Based on Country Pro includes now full integration with WooCommerce Products Add-ons!

You asked, and now it’s here! You can now set Add-ons prices by pricing zone or let them be calculated by the exchange rate, this works for Global Add-ons and Per-Product Add-ons.

Global Add-on pricing by country

Pricing zones are grouped in a new option of the global add-on. Selecting “Set price manually” you can set pricing for each Add-on option individually.

Global addon price based on country


Per-Product Add-on pricing by country

The add-ons pricing by zone is set in a new tab, as in global add-ons page, you have to expand the zone to choose, for each add-on, set prices manually or auto-calculate by exchange rate.

Per-Product Add-on pricing by country


WooCommerce Product Add-ons integrations is available now for all Personal and Bussines license holders. If you do not have a license yet, you can buy with just a couple of clicks from pricing page.

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